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Hello and Welcome !

I am Badal Sarkar, software developer living in Toronto, Canada. Currently, I am studying Computer Programming and Analysis at Seneca College and will graduate in April 2021.

I have been coding since 2016. Visual Basic for Applications was my first programming language. So far, I have worked with C, C++, Java, JavaScript and Python. Now a days, I am focusing more on Java and Python. In Java, I am working with Spring framework and in Python, I am focusing on fundamentals. My primary learning mode is by reading books and technical documentation. I learn more effectively this way rather than watching tutorials.

I don't have any favorite language or technology. I like to consider them just as tools to solve some problems. When solving a problem, I will pick the most suitable tool.

How I started programming

Till 2018, I was a banker, working at CIBC, Toronto, Canada. After completing my Master's degree in Finance, I started my career in 2010 as a banker in my home country, Bangladesh. Throughout my career, I had a passion to solve problem and make processes easier and efficient. While working at Mutual Trust Bank, Bangladesh, I implemented several process improvements and automated some regulatory reporting systems. My interest led me to self-taught Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which is used extensively for streamlining excel workflows in the Banking industry in Canada. With my knowledge of coding, I started to look for opportunities to put my skill into work. During my employment period at CIBC, I have improved several processes including semi-automating a reconciliation system and transaction entry into core banking software.

This achievement encouraged me to look into the coding stuff. So, I started with HTML, CSS at freecodecamp.Later, in early 2018, I started to think more seriously about programming and was considering to go back to school. Due to my family situation, it was not possible to continue both my job and school. So, I decided to leave my job and focus on studying. It was a tough call. But I believe, I made the right decision.

Today, I absolutely love programming. Solving a problem, gives me the highest satisfaction.