Code Review

September 25, 2020

As part of our command line tool project, which finds broken URLs, we are to reviews each others code. We needed to use GitHub for this purpose. My code was reviewed by eunbeek. He found an issue in my code that it was printing some wrong output. I figured it out. It was happening due to the difference in tab character in windows and linux terminal. I fixed the issue There is another issue. The color output is not working in the windows command line. The library I used for color output is JColor. The library is supposed to work both in Windows terminal and Linux Terminal. However, it is not working in Windows. So, I need to find out how how the library works for Windows terminal.

I also reviewed enubeek’s code. To start with, I forked his repo and then cloned it in my local machine. Then I followed his instruction in readme file. However, I was not able to run the code in my machine. He developed his application in a windows machine and used an external library called jna. But, the library was not working in my machine. So, I filed an issue at enubeek’s repository.

Overall, the I learned how to test someone else’s code in my machine and file issues related to the code. It happened to me several times that some of the libraries I used for my other work, did not work as expected. But I was not comfortable enough to file an issue. But now, with this practice, I am more comfortable than before to test the code and file an issue. Also, enubeek’s review of my code was really helpful. Because I did not test my code in windows machine. While it was working as expected in linux machine, it broke in Windows machine. Without enubeek’s help, it would have been not possible to find this so easily.